MPF Band Spotlight: Brassick [Interview]

It’s all gone a bit MPF mad here at Shout Louder HQ. There are so many great bands that we don’t know where to begin! To help you make the most of the festival, we have spoken to a handful of the bands we’re most excited to see. Even if you’re not coming to MPF, there’s plenty to enjoy.

We will be posting every other day in the lead up to Manchester Punk Festival. Check out the full series here.

Band Spotlight: Brassick

Brassick are a staggeringly high-octane assault from the West Midlands. They play a mix of punk, thrash and hardcore, delivered with raucous fury and a lot of humour. They’re actively anti-fascist and anti-capitalist, and they back it all up with a lot of technical skill and an enthralling whirlwind presence from singer, Nicola.

We spoke to guitarist Pete Macbeth to find out more.

Why should people come check out your set at Manchester Punk Festival?

We are fast and loud we sing/shout about all sorts of bullshit from political crap and things we don’t like, to other stuff that is literally nonsense.

Nicola will try her best to shout at most of the crowd between and during songs for not dancing enough then, when she feels a strong enough level of enjoyment is being had, she will jump on them. Surely incentive enough right there!

Our songs are decent as well like.

What can people do to prepare themselves, if it’s the first time they’ve seen you?

I don’t really know! We prepare by getting shit faced so it would probably help if they were also shit faced! Oh and plenty of stretches – you wouldn’t want to pull a muscle!

Your sound is a really energetic mix of punk and hardcore. Who do you take the biggest influence from?

Cider and gin: they have really pushed us to become better musicians!

The four of us have such wide spread of influences to be honest. From old hardcore punk, like Bad Brains and Minor Threat and more modern day hardcore like Comeback Kid. Melodic stuff like The Flatliners and Off With Their Heads. We have also drawn a lot from ska, reggae and hip hop. Anything really! Nic loves Jimmy Nail so that tells you all you need to know about her tastes!

Which bands are you most excited to see at the festival?

So fucking many. It’s an amazing lineup top to bottom. Aside from the obvious headliners we can’t wait to see Revenge Of The Phycotronic Man at their last MPF. The fucking idiots Pizzatramp, Aerial Salad, Darko, Roughneck Riot, I could literally list most bands on the flyer so I’ll stop there.

Crowd-surfing, human pyramid or wall of death?

Crowd surfing ticks all the boxes and if you get stuck in the pit and need to get to the bar it’s a good way to escape.

Propagandhi or Iron Chic?

Propagandhi over everything.

What other big things are coming up for Brassick this year?

Loads planned, plenty of awesome festivals this summer and a new album at some point which we are super excited about.

Manchester Trivia: Why is Morrisey such a muppet?

Who knows but I reckon I’d be a prick too if I had a singing voice like that.

Keep an eye on Brassick’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages for updates.

At Manchester Punk Festival they are playing in Gorilla at 17:10 on Saturday – make sure you check them out! Consult the MPF Clashfinder for more details.

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Article by Sarah Williams.

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