Podcast: Random Hand vs Faintest Idea – Live from Hand Fest

The special episode of the Shout Louder Punk Podcast is brought to you live from Hand Fest!

Sarah from Shout Louder took to the stage with Robin Leitch from Random Hand and Dani Rascal from Faintest Idea, with the aim of resolving the dispute between their bands once and for all. Even if you’re not familiar with the UK ska-punk scene, you’re guaranteed a laugh out of this hilarious episode.

Stay tuned to learn about Norfolk Jesus, the rumours of the Rhubarb Triangle, and to discover which band member may or may not be a secret Tory. The episode had our live audience in stitches and culminates in an epic battle of the thumbs.

Celebrating 20 years of Random Hand, Hand Fest was an incredible two-day event at the Brudenell in Leeds, featuring bands like Sonic Boom Six, Riskee & The Ridicule and Popes of Chillitown. The event sold out in record time and the DIY punk community came out in force.

Yorkshire’s ska-core heroes Random Hand have an ongoing rivalry with Norfolk street-punks Faintest Idea, which began with a joke about cabbages but rapidly descended into online warfare. So, when the opportunity arose to debate this in front of a crowd, we simply couldn’t resist.

The episode also features a live version of Pack It Up by Random Hand, recorded at Hand Fest by the marvellous Andy Hawkins.

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I’ll see you down the front!

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