Premiere: Goo ‘Call In Sick’ & Release New Single &Video

Call In Sick is the latest single from Northern indie-pop lovelies, Goo. We’re excited to share their latest video single with you – a ray of audio sunshine on this drab Monday morning.

We all need to Call In Sick sometimes. Goo has taken that morning-malaise feeling we’re all too familiar with it, and translated it into song form.

Whilst Goo are typically fans of a no-budget video, they splurged on this extravagant bit of film. They splashed out on a few pints and a takeaway for a day-drinking session around Keighley and Saltaire in West Yorkshire. In true DIY punk style, the band filmed the video their smartphones and edited it themselves.

All part of the crew at The Exchange in Keighley, Goo formed during the pandemic and released their first single Underground and Overseas in December 2020. They weren’t able to play their first gig until December the following year, but they’ve since racked up some great support slots with False Advertising and The Wytches whilst promoting their second single FOMO. You may recognise members of Goo from bands like Sounds of Swami, Fekla and Loomer also.

In May 2021, Bryn Price joined the band, replacing bassist Kieran Riley. Goo gathered at Corner House Recording Studio to record this, their fourth single, Call In Sick. The band is currently rehearsing to record their first EP in January 2023.

Want to learn more? Check out our interview with Goo from earlier this year.

Check out Goo at all the usual haunts:

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