Podcast #8: Crawl-of-Death, Bribery, Masturbation and Unfulfilled Promises

Tune into the next instalment of the Shout Louder punk podcast! Tunes from Eat Defeat, SKIV, Wolfrik and Hummer.

Podcast #8 sees the return of everyone’s favourite: Mark Bell! This episode is all excitable Mark and Sarah music banter – we cover a huge range of topics, including all the gigs and punk rock antics we’ve experienced lately. We’ve play tunes from Eat Defeat, Wolfrik, SKIV and Hummer.

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We midly lay into Jimbob from Pizzatramp in a tale that involves a crawl-of-death, public masturbation, bribery and unfulfilled promises. We lament the passing of MySpace as a medium, Mark asks Sarah to dissect some poorly auto-tuned rap lyrics and Sarah shares Personal Worst story from Podstock 2 involving pratfalls, poo and pints.

Mark gives us the gossip on Hell Hath No Fury Fest, with Bolshy, Natterers and Brassick. Sarah chats about gigs she’s been to in Manchester, including Tim Loud, Custody, Holiday, Bear Trap and Incisions. Continue reading “Podcast #8: Crawl-of-Death, Bribery, Masturbation and Unfulfilled Promises”

MPF Band Spotlight: Brassick [Interview]

Manchester Punk Festival Band Spotlight: Brassick are a ferocious hardcore/thrash quartet from the West Mids.

It’s all gone a bit MPF mad here at Shout Louder HQ. There are so many great bands that we don’t know where to begin! To help you make the most of the festival, we have spoken to a handful of the bands we’re most excited to see. Even if you’re not coming to MPF, there’s plenty to enjoy.

We will be posting every other day in the lead up to Manchester Punk Festival. Check out the full series here.

Band Spotlight: Brassick

Brassick are a staggeringly high-octane assault from the West Midlands. They play a mix of punk, thrash and hardcore, delivered with raucous fury and a lot of humour. They’re actively anti-fascist and anti-capitalist, and they back it all up with a lot of technical skill and an enthralling whirlwind presence from singer, Nicola.

We spoke to guitarist Pete Macbeth to find out more.

Why should people come check out your set at Manchester Punk Festival?

We are fast and loud we sing/shout about all sorts of bullshit from political crap and things we don’t like, to other stuff that is literally nonsense.

Nicola will try her best to shout at most of the crowd between and during songs for not dancing enough then, when she feels a strong enough level of enjoyment is being had, she will jump on them. Surely incentive enough right there!

Our songs are decent as well like.

What can people do to prepare themselves, if it’s the first time they’ve seen you?

I don’t really know! We prepare by getting shit faced so it would probably help if they were also shit faced! Oh and plenty of stretches – you wouldn’t want to pull a muscle!

Your sound is a really energetic mix of punk and hardcore. Who do you take the biggest influence from?

Cider and gin: they have really pushed us to become better musicians! Continue reading “MPF Band Spotlight: Brassick [Interview]”