Meet The Team: Sarah Williams

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Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m gig-a-holic. I can typically be found sweaty and beer-soaked, stumbling out of tiny music venues with my ears ringing. I get overly excited about tour announcements, embarrassingly giddy when I discover a new band, and I cried when Random Hand split up. I’m also the puppet-master here at Shout Louder. I started it up as a place to share my enthusiasm for all things fast and loud, and now it’s taken over every second of my spare time.

What was your introduction to punk?

When I was a teeny-tiny kiddie my Dad used to play different genres in the car to see how I’d react. One day he played Smash by The Offspring and I went completely nuts, so he played me more. Levellers were also a huge influence on me, so I came to punk from EpiFat bands, nu metal and political aggro-folk – it’s a weird mix.

If you could be in any band in the world (past or present), which band would you choose and why?

If I could be in a band from their beginning, I’d choose Alexisonfire hands down. Imagine the sweatbox shows their played when they first started, then the insane gigs just before they broke up – it’s be best of both worlds. Alas, I have zero musical talent, so instead I reckon I’d take Ben Carr’s dancing role for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

You’ve got unlimited funds, a time machine and any venue you fancy, but you can only book three bands. Who do you book for your ultimate gig?

Rather than trying to please everyone, I’d probably go for a totally self-indulgent line-up of Red City Radio, Capdown and Descendents; all bands that I love immensely but don’t get to see often enough. I’d put it on at Islington Assembly Hall – it’s a small, old theatre with sprung floors.

You’re on an aeroplane that’s about to crash. What do you put on your iPod?

Bottle to Bottle by Gnarwolves. I’d be happy if that was the last thing I heard.

Check out all of Sarah’s articles here!