Shout Louder is a UK-based music zine for punks who don’t like paper cuts. Our aim is to bring you the view from the front. We help you to discover the best in new punk rock music via interviews, reviews, festival stories and opinion pieces.

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Meet The Team

Founder / Editor: Sarah Williams

Words: Alan CorcoranMark BartlettOllie Stygall 

Photography: Josh Sumner @ Cold Front Photography

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Contacting Shout Louder

Unfortunately, we no longer accept submissions for review. We love discovering new music, however we choose to write about the releases, topics and events that are exciting us the most, aiming for quality over quantity in our articles.

We’re excited to hear about your band, your record label or your gig. If you want to get on our radar, give us a shout via our contact form, but please don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive a response.