Premiere: Haest ‘Someone Else Has Pissed My Jeans’ Video Single

Someone Else Has Pissed My Jeans is the latest single from Hastings’ hardcore doom-mongers Haest. This is the third single from their upcoming album Belabour, which is due for release on TNSRecords and No Time Records on 13 January 2023.

Haest’s song titles famously come from an ever-growing bank of quotes, collected from friends and band members. The latest single is no exception, and the accompanying video is a further example of the undercurrent of humour that is intrinsic to their dark, coarse musical stylings. The video sees the band bedecked in corpse paint, collecting prize tickets in a seaside arcade. Reportedly, Hastings is one of the few places you can walk around in corpse paint without anyone batting an eye.

Haest blend elements of hardcore, doom, sludge and noise genres in varying measures. The upcoming Belabour is their second full-length album, following 2020’s Anomie, and a representation of the individual, unique sound they’ve grown into as a band.

In the words of TNS Records, “On this record, Haest are discussing how ‘we are who we pretend to be’, particularly in a modern digital age where we play out our lives through second-hand versions of ourselves and how these make-believe lives infect our reality. The album’s title can mean ‘to attack someone physically or verbally’ or ‘to argue a point in excessive detail’; both symptoms of our social media-obsessed world.”

Belabour is available to order from TNSRecords and No Time Records ahead of its release on January 13th. Preorder here.

Want to learn more? Check out our interview with Haest from 2018.

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