Shout Louder Podcast #4: Manchester Punk Festival Special

We are so excited to share Podcast #4 with you! This is our favourite one so far; we just hope you love it as much as we do. You can listen on iTunes, Soundcloud and many other podcatchers, or on the link below.

Recorded in the extremely silly, hungover aftermath of Dugstock Festival Mark and Sarah discuss all things Manchester Punk Festival in detail. We pick through the whole line-up, talk about the festival’s history and give you insider tips on surviving the weekend. Even if you’re not attending the festival, it’s worth a listen to hear some fantastic punk tunes and to laugh at how tired we are.

Stay tuned till the end as we will also be proudly announcing the Friday night headliner of Wotsit Called Festival. Wotsit Called was one of our top festivals of 2017 and it’s growing even bigger this year. It takes place on the last weekend of September at The Palace in Hastings – you can book tickets here. We can’t wait to tell you who they’ve booked!

The podcast is available on iTunes (here) and all other good podcatchers, or you can listen to it right now:

These are the songs we play:


  • Make sure that you check out the MPF website, program and clashfinder for all of the information you could possibly need
  • There is also an app! This includes the full line-up, so you can set up alerts to make sure you don’t miss any of your favourite bands
  • They’ve now announced a Thursday night afterparty at Rebellion, hosted by Moving North
  • You should absolutely go see Ducking Punches, it’s not a ‘no brainer’ to go see Random Hand!

Check out our full series of Manchester Punk Festival related articles:

In the past, we have also interviewed all of these awesome MPF acts: Lightyear, Random Hand, Ducking Punches, Waterweed, Beat The Red Light, Stand Out Riot, PMX, Darko and Lucinda Livingstone of Kamikaze Girls.

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