Top 10 Bands You NEED To Check Out At Outbreak Fest 2022

Read our top recommendations for Outbreak Fest 2022, the big hardcore festival hitting Manchester in July 2022. We aimed to highlight some of the newer or smaller bands, to give you a reason to get down for the opening acts. This weekend's like the hardcore punk Christmas - we'll see you down the front.

Time Doesn’t Stop #2: Tony Maher on Jilly’s Rockworld & Satan’s Hollow

The second instalment in Em Johnson's series about punks growing up, featuring an interview with Tony Maher about Manchester's 00's punk scene, including Jilly's Rockworld, Roadkill Records, Satan's Hollow and Refuse to Lose club nights. "It was also nice to get back to playing music I liked, instead of being forced to pander to the shitty tastes of turbo-melts and hating every last gruelling microsecond of it."

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