PAPERCUTS: Announcing Shout Louder’s new book,celebrating punk rock community

We’re proud to announce the pre-order of our paperback zine PAPERCUTS!

Purchase PAPERCUTS from our online shop

PAPERCUTS is a special collaboration between people from all different areas of the punk rock community: bands, fans and all things in between. We’re fortunate to be united through music, and we’ve attempted to condense some of that special bond into these pages.

Whether it’s finding love, overcoming loss, leaving home or finding a tribe, once you’re part of the DIY community it’s hard to see life any other way. Celebrate and commemorate that feeling with this lovely bumper print zine.

The zine includes written contributions from 30 authors: amusing anecdotes, fond memories, engaging stories, imaginative poems and many relatable tales. It also features photography from three of Manchester’s finest: Jim Taylor, Josh Sumner (Cold Front Photography) and Tim Bevington (Hold My Pint).

This is a one-off Shout Louder print publication, with 80+ pages of stories and photographs. Enjoy this high-quality paperback print as memory of many of the good (and bad!) times we’ve shared in the punk rock community.

Featuring contributions from:

Ben Adsett (Thirsty & Miserable Zine)
Martin Appleby (Paper & Ink Zine)
Mark Boniface (Harker)
Colin Clark (Colin’s Punk Rock World)
Matt Clarke (Vanilla Pod)
Rob Day (Misgivings / Bitterman)
Marc Gartner (Punxellated Zine)
Abi Gordon
Alex Graham (One Step Outside Records)
Nat Gyll-Murray (Swansong, F. Emasculata)
Makky Hall (Broken Arrow Magazine)
Freddy Hardy
Sara Harrington
Gareth James (Second In Line)
Jake Jeremy
Emily Johnson (Bomb Ibiza)
Toni Lambert
Lucias Malcolm (Call Me Malcolm)
Mark McConville
Graham Meldrum
Joe Molloy (Animal Byproducts)
Robyn Pierce (Colin’s Punk Rock World)
Dan Peters (RxR / Colin’s Punk Rock World)
Chris Snelgrove
Matt Speer (Ear Nutrition)
Ollie Stygall (Disgraceland)
Paul Taylor (Second In Line, Lights Go Out Zine)
Jude Williams
Sarah Williams (Shout Louder / Lockjaw Records)

Buy PAPERCUTS from our online shop now

This is currently a pre-order. Zines will be posted in the first week of February.

If you’d like to grab yourself a bargain, bundles are available with our MPF Photobook from 2019 AND if you buy PAPERCUTS along with your Do It Together Fest ticket (available from the New Cross Inn wesbite) you’ll get a discount.

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