Interview: Goo talk about their new music

Interview by Tim Loud. Cover photo by Danny Payne.

The ex-textile industry hub and Bradford satellite town Keighley has produced and exported an extraordinary amount of music and musicians of the highest calibre over the years, of which Goo are the latest. As we move into the sunnier (hopefully) and warmer (also hopefully) part of 2022, a soundtrack to those summer days has arrived in the form of FOMO, the second single from Goo.

The song itself is an effects-drenched, catchy, ever-evolving 90s indie-pop-rock wet dream with a nostalgic yet contemporary and fresh feeling. The musicianship isn’t showy but it leaks skill from every carefully considered and expertly delivered note, and the more you listen to it and its many layers, the more you get absorbed into its swirling aura.

The performers and the production crew are a regular who’s who of the Keighley and Yorkshire music scene, including a producer role for Pulled Apart By Horses’ Rob Lee and a mastering credit to critically acclaimed roots artist Ben Pike.

The whole recording was tracked at Corner House Recording Studio which is owned and run by Kurt Wood, who also drums for Goo. We caught up with him and the rest of the band to see how things have been going since the release of FOMO.

Hi Goo, thanks for agreeing to have a chat with us. Who are you all and what other musical projects have you been involved with over the years?

Kurt: Hello! We are Tanisha Badman (lead vocals, guitar), Sam Drury (guitar, backing vocals), Kieran (bass) and me on drums. Tanisha is known for being one of two people in Felka, Sam was previously in Loomer, I play sing and play guitar in Sounds of Swami, and I’m fairly sure this is the first gigging band that Kieran has been in.

How and when did the band come about? How did you all meet?

Kurt: We all work or have worked at The Exchange in Keighley so we’re usually working the same gig or drinking together on the other side of the bar. When Sam’s band Loomer broke up, he started writing with Tanisha and it grew from there. Originally, I was just helping out until they found a drummer but I loved what they were coming up with and it turned out that the three of us could write songs together from scratch pretty quickly. We actually started the band before the pandemic, but the lockdown stunted our progress. It wasn’t until September 2021 that Kieran joined that we started gigging.

What’s the songwriting process like for you?

Kurt: Usually, someone brings a riff or a chord progression and we hash it out together until it’s a complete song. We collaborate on everything which helps everyone feel invested in it. For me, this is the first time I’ve ever been in a band where we write lyrics together. It’s a new experience and pretty exciting.

The single sounds really great, what were your references and influences for the sound of the band and in turn the recording itself.

Kurt: The eight songs we’ve been playing live are the only songs we have. When we recorded FOMO (and our first single Underground Or Overseas), I think we only had 4 or 5 complete songs and we didn’t have a bass player yet. So perhaps it’s the sound of us still finding our feet in terms of how we want to sound. I know that Courtney Barnett and The Beths were a big inspiration for Tanisha wanting to play electric guitar and sing lead vocals, so they’ve played a big part in the sound. As a collective, our influences are pretty broad and it all finds its way into the songs from what I can tell. Again, that’s pretty exciting for me.

How did it come about that Rob Lee got involved?

Kurt: Rob has a new band called Scouge that we’ve played with a couple of times (they’re great!). Before they became a three-piece, it was just Rob and drummer, Ian, jamming when they could during a period of pandemic restrictions. Rob had recorded a rough demo of their song Ghost of the Smoke and Ian came down to my studio to record some rough drums for it. One thing led to another and they ended up recording and mixing the whole song (except vocals) with me. I knew that money was scarce for everyone, particularly musicians, so I made a proposal to Rob that I trade some studio time for his production input on a couple of Goo songs. We got on really well and it worked a treat! We have another song from the same session lined up for the next single. He also played bass on the two songs which sounded great.

What’s next for you?

Kurt: We want to put out as much music as we can this year too. Aside from that, we’re continuing to write and play as many gigs as we can.

The single FOMO is available to download or stream from wherever you do that. Goo are playing with Scouge and TMP at The Exchange on May 7th.

Interview by Tim Loud.

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