Interview: Electric Press – eclectic post-hardcore from Leeds

Electric Press are a new band from Leeds who made a racket earlier this year with the release of their debut album Ragwort. Mixing hardcore with post-hardcore sensibilities, Ragwort‘s is an engaging, angry listen that doesn’t shy away from experimentation. It’s got the fiery backbone of 70’s hardcore punk, the lackadaisical British snot of Idles and the unpredictable fuzz, noise and funk of a modern generation.

There’s such an eclectic mix of influences on the record that you could draw comparison with Riggots, The Hives, Rage Against The Machines, Deftones … the list goes on. Listening to Ragwort you get a sense of a band who want to try a bit of everything, as long as it’s loud.

We spoke to the band ahead of their slot at Nice As Pie Race festival this Friday. If you don’t know Electric Press, now’s your chance.

How would you sum up Electric Press for someone who’s just discovering you?

We originally started out at a hardcore punk band. However, we have always drawn from other styles such as hip hop, metal and even jazz. Because of this, it is no surprise we quickly began to expand into different styles, and our newer music can be described more as post-hardcore and alternative metal.

Tell me a bit about how Electric Press came to be – how did you meet?

Holly and Jake have been friends since high school and had been looking to form a band for a while when we met Terry in September 2019. Terry had been mates with Logan for a while and after that, it all came together. 

Were you involved in any other musical projects before?

All four of us had been in other bands before Electric Press that never progressed any further. It wasn’t until Electric Press that we all found something that felt right. 

There has been some great (and deserved) hype around your album Ragwort recently. Are you pleased with how it turned out? 

We are very pleased with the reception it received, especially with it being released during Covid. However, we are equally excited for new releases in the future. 

What inspired you most when writing for the record?

Turning our frustration with the world into something positive that we all enjoy.

What did you learn in the process of recording Ragwort? What advice would you give to someone recording their first album?

What we learnt is the advice that we would give. Don’t be afraid to experiment, be bold and make the shit out of the songs.

What bands kick-started your interest in music?

The local Leeds scene is what kick-started our interest in forming a band, and we all draw from a diverse influence of bands that inspire and motivate us. 

And what bands are keeping the fires burning now? What new releases have got you really excited?

We are loving the new Turnstile album, it’s a great take on modern hardcore and also sticks to the genre’s roots.

If you could go on tour with any band, who would you choose? Where would you go?

It would probably have to be Deftones at the main stage of Download.

Do you have any creative projects outside of the band?

We all experiment and write our own music, whether it’s for other bands or personal.

What are your ambitions for the Electric Press in the future?

One of the main goals at the moment is to start playing gigs around other big cities around the country. Manchester or Bristol in particular would be a sick place to play.

Listen to Electric Press over on Spotify. Ragwort is available on cassette via Toxic Wotsit Records.

Written by Sarah Williams.

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