We love hearing from you! Say hello and tell us what you think. Please feel free to send us any music news, tell us about your latest project or a gig you’ve just booked.

Shout Louder is as a fun project that I look after in my spare time, so unfortunately I can’t answer every email. Please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back from me – it’s nothing personal, and I’m doing my best.

Sarah W @ Shout Louder

Music Submission Guidelines

  • We don’t write album/EP/single reviews, so please don’t ask for them
  • We support releases in others ways – e.g., interviews, podcast airplay, playlists, gig reviews, etc.
  • If you’d like to send us music to listen to, we prefer:
    • MP3s or Bandcamp download codes
    • Spotify links
  • If you’re submitting a track to play on a podcast, an MP3 or WAV is essential
  • The more information, the better!

We try to spend our time writing and recording, rather than replying to emails. Please be assured that we do read everything that lands in our inbox, but please don’t expect a response. If do cover your band/project, we’ll reply to your email or tag you on socials when we post.

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