Podcast: Random Hand vs Faintest Idea – Live from Hand Fest

This special episode of the Shout Louder Punk Podcast was recorded live at Hand Fest! It features comedy gold from Random Hand's Robin Leitch and Faintest Idea's Dani Rascal. We got together on the main stage to solve the rivalry between the two bands once and for all - it's almost certainly the most we've ever laughed in one episode.

Podcast: MPF 2022 Special with Kaz & Big Hands

Sarah got together with Kaz (Follow Your Dreams) and Big Hands (Knife Club) to recount the highs and lows of Manchester Punk Fest 2022. Featuring all the bands we fell in love with, including Nosebleed, Snatch Game, Random Hand, Electric Press, Fatalist, Going Off, Forever Unclean, NEXO, Sewer Cats, Smoking Gives You Big Tits, Corrupt Vision, PMX and heaps more.

Memories of Manchester Punk Festival 2022

Sarah's personal write up of Manchester Punk Fest 2022, giving you the behind-the-scenes perspective. Featuring bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Svalbard and Random Hand, lots of running around and happy tears - the little moments you want to remember for years to come.

Podcast: Joe Dimuantes from The Human Project & Sounds of Swami

Listen to our relaxed and reflective conversation with Joe Dimuantes of The Human Project and Random Hand. We got together on a rainy Sunday afternoon to discuss the benefits of slowing down and taking a break, and the wild anecdotes accumulated over years of touring in DIY punk bands. Sounds of Swami and actively recording right now, so Joe gives us an insight into their plans and the complexity that goes into their bespoke brand of post-hardcore.

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