Podcast: New Punk Rock Radio – December 2021

Listen to our latest punk rock radio show wherever you get your podcasts. Sarah’s rounded up all the best new punk-rock releases so that you don’t have to. In this episode she also discusses owning too many band t-shirts, the perils of Christmas and the joys of falling in love with bands when you least expect it.

December’s episode is pretty heavy on melodic punk, with a bit of folk-, hardcore- and skate-punk thrown in for good measure. The episode features brand new tunes from the likes of Roughneck Riot and Sunliner, and we’ve tried to highlight a few new bands you’ll want to discover: Party Boss, Cool Jerks and ALLDEEPENDS.

We give you a big preview of a gig we’re putting on in collaboration with Garlic Bread Club. Our birthday bash takes place on January 22nd 2022 at Retro Bar in Manchester. The lineup includes Drones, Brassick, Fair Do’s, Piss Kitti, Other Half, Cool Jerks, Disaster Forecast and Smoking Give You Big Tits. You can get tickets from garlicbreadclub.bigcartel.com.

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Cover photo: Nice As Pie Race Festival by Hold My Pint Photography.

This episode features the following tracks:

  • Party Boss – Complex Economics
  • Roughneck Riot – Stay Awake
  • Forever Unclean – Scars
  • Sunliner – Special Place In Hell
  • COOL JERKS – Modern Man
  • Smoking Gives You Big Tits – My Favourite Fact About Maggie
  • ALLDEEPENDS – You Can Never Have Too Many Black T-Shirts
  • One Hidden Frame – Information Blackout
  • Disaster Forecast – Safe Bet
  • Nerdlinger – Underrated
  • Mark Murphy & The Meds – Susie’s Gonna Try
  • Bong Mountain – Top Ridge
  • Trophy Jump – Hugs On Drugs
  • La Armada – Checkmate Humanity
  • This Is Hell – Sieve Fisted Find
  • The Official Garry Biscuits Tribute Band (Graham & Sean from Goodbye Blue Monday) – Say You’ll See In The Bells With Me

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