Podcast: Leo & Lasse from Forever Unclean

Copenhagen indie-skate-punks Forever Unclean join Sarah on the latest episode of the Shout Louder podcast, to celebrate the release of their new album 'Best'. They talk about live recordings, DIY mentality and the goal of capturing a moment in time though an album.

Podcast: Joe Dimuantes from The Human Project & Sounds of Swami

Listen to our relaxed and reflective conversation with Joe Dimuantes of The Human Project and Random Hand. We got together on a rainy Sunday afternoon to discuss the benefits of slowing down and taking a break, and the wild anecdotes accumulated over years of touring in DIY punk bands. Sounds of Swami and actively recording right now, so Joe gives us an insight into their plans and the complexity that goes into their bespoke brand of post-hardcore.

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