Podcast: Jordan Harris & Conor Yates from SKIV

This episode of the Shout Louder Punk Podcast features Jordan Harris and Conor Yates from London/Kent punk rockers, SKIV. Sarah talks to them about their newly released album No Context Bangers.

The three discussed SKIV’s development as a band, the fine work of producer Daly George and some of the best up-and-coming punk rock bands. Recorded in the back of a hot, sweaty tour van, this episode is also a great example of DIY music in action. The band were out on their album release tour with Greek punks The Overjoyed, so Jordan and Conor give us an accurate rundown of service station joys. We also crammed in plenty of puerile nonsense.

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SKIV’s debut album No Context Bangers is out not on INiiT Records. The track played on the podcast is Thumbprint.

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