Odd Robot: Ready To Be Your New Favourite Pop-Punk Band [Interview]

California’s Odd Robot will charm you with pop-punk that’s more bittersweet than saccharine. FFO: Alkaline Trio, early Green Day, Jawbreaker.

Interview by Alan Corcoran.

If you are looking for pop punk that is more bittersweet than saccharine, then California’s Odd Robot are the guys for you! Their latest album Amnesiatic was released earlier this month and I had a chat with guitarist/vocalist Andy Burris about their progression as a band, the recording process and his own history with pop punk.

Before our deep dive into pop punk nerdery, Andy caught me up on how the band started:

Mike and I played in a band called Longfellow years ago. I quit the band to start a family and left the OC area. I came back to OC with a bunch of songs I’d been working on and asked Mike to give them a listen. He was into it, so we found a drummer and started recording A Late Night Panic straight away. When I write a song, I demo it out fully with guitar, bass, drums—the whole shebang. I think Damian had two or three practices to learn the record before we hit the studio. The band name comes from my pseudonym from another band: Android. I wanted to stick with a robot theme without sounding like a google app. My wife came up with the name. The name gets instant recognition, thanks to the similarity to JJ Abram’s Bad Robot company. We didn’t plan that, but we’re also not mad at it.


You’ve recently added a fourth member – adding a second guitarist in a very Bad Religion type move – how is that going for you guys?

It’s super rad. The only thing better than playing music with two of your best friends is doing it with three of them. It sounds bigger, fuller. The first two albums—ALNP and the forthcoming Amnesiatic—were sort of written in a vacuum by yours truly. Going forward, I want to collaborate more with the guys on structuring and embellishing the songs. With more voices that’ll be even better. Continue reading “Odd Robot: Ready To Be Your New Favourite Pop-Punk Band [Interview]”