Podcast: MPF 2022 Special with Kaz & Big Hands

This is a bumper episode to celebrate Manchester Punk Festival 2022 in pseudo-review format. It’s a tad late because I caught a horrendous MPF flu and I’ve only been physically capable of movement or thought in the last week or so. I hope all of you have fared better.

I got together with Kaz & Big Hands to talk about all the highs and lows of MPF 2022. All three of us work behind the scenes at Manchester Punk Fest, so we’ve got a slightly different take on the event. We squeezed in a lot of bands alongside a lot of work, and we had a bloody wonderful time.

Kaz is in Follow Your Dreams, who played two sets on Saturday, and Chris ‘Big Hands’ Hinsley is in Knife Club, and previously Revenge of The Psychotronic Man. They’re an important part of the TNS family and the MPF team – two wonderful people who work pretty tirelessly for the world of DIY punk rock.

We reminisced about all the bands we fell in love with, including the likes of Nosebleed, Snatch Game, Random Hand, Electric Press, Fatalist, Going Off, Forever Unclean, NEXO, Sewer Cats, Smoking Gives You Big Tits, Corrupt Vision, PMX and literally heaps more. We also discussed towels, Mr Blobby and the complexity of

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: MPF 2022 Special with Kaz & Big Hands

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  1. Definitely on board with the “post festival depression” – what a comedown after a sick weekend. This interview was really nice to get to hear a bit more about what Kaz and Bighands do, having known Kaz for what seems like forever now but never getting into the nuts and bolts – we’re usually too busy bevving in front of (or playing in) a loud as fuck band for shop talk.

    “Solver of Small Problems” is an excellent role title, and honestly so vital to something as gargantuan as MPF running smoothly.

    RE: Sober Social Club – I enjoy a tipple myself but I think it’s fucking well cool to put that space in an event like MPF. As you say, punks talk about inclusivity all the time and I love to see it being lived and not just talked about.

    Thank you for the kind words about our set, it’s geneuinly humbling to hear and playing MPF was a fucking dream for us since we put together our first scrappy demo in the winter of ’18.

    Speaking of soft spots – the feeling is very much mutual, Sarah. Love what you do at Shout Louder and who you are as a human! Additionally, Follow Your Dreams are probably my favourite Manchester band (but you probably know that already!) and it was sick to finally see Knife Club as well.

    How sick are Going Off?! Who’s putting on a GO, FYD, Fatalist, Bruise Control and Incisions Manc lovefest show then?!

    Apologies for the long comment – I felt very engaged by this chat!

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    1. Ah mate this might be the loveliest comment I’ve ever read, thanks for taking the time to write it! I’m still on the comedown from the weekend and it’s nearly a month later … glad we were able to give a bit of an insight into what Kaz gets up to as well.

      Manchester hardcore show? Six way joint co-pro? Shout Louder Fest? TREE can you hear me from here, mate? Sort it out.

      It was great to see you play at MPF, and the respect is very much mutual! We’ll have to hang out in person soon, mate x


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