Podcast: Leo & Lasse from Forever Unclean

On this episode of the Shout Louder podcast, Sarah’s joined by Leo Wallin and Lasse Mikkelsen of Forever Unclean! These popular Danish punks tread the line between pop, indie- and skate-punk to create an infectious, energetic racket that it’s hard not to love. They make short, fun songs that’ll get stuck in your head.

Forever Unclean opened 2022 by releasing their first full-length album Best, following a string of successful EPs. During the podcast, the band tell us how they’ve tried to create a record that encapsulates that one, unique moment in time, and how live recording in their own studio enabled them to do that. We discussed the logic and love behind their new album, their first meeting (in a skate park – this are skatepunk who actually skate!), and the current market for vinyl.

We also discussed the Dive Dogs project – a high-quality online platform for streaming intimate live shows; their European answer to Audiotree or Bridge City Sessions. Throughout, we also talk about the impact that being part of the DIY punk community has had on their mentality.

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