Podcast: Si Walker from Rash Decision & The SeaBin Podcast

Si Walker, self-described moany bastard and born comedian, is both an excellent podcast guest and host! He is the creator of The SeaBin Podcast – one of my favourite comedy punk rock listens. He also plays in FOUR bands: Rash Decision, Monolithian, Helpless and Swansong. Clearly, he’s a key component of the Cornish punk rock community.

We balanced the conversation by having some deep chats and talking about poo and pants. You can look forward to a philosophical conversation about the meaning of punk, the importance of not following society’s stereotypes, and the impending plane crash of balancing four bands. You can also learn what a festival lava lamp is, and what to do if you run out of loo roll in a disgusting bathroom.

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  • Rash Decision have just released a new album called Year of The Silence. At the end of the podcast, you’ll hear The Pain The Alters, taken from the album. rashdecision.bandcamp.com
  • Monolithian are playing Manchester Punk Fest and Dreadfest. monolithiandoom.bandcamp.com
  • Helpless will shortly be releasing a new album called Caged In Gold on Church Road Records. helplessnoise.bandcamp.com
  • You can (and should) go listen to The SeaBin Podcast on any podcast platform.

Cover photo by Cold Front Photography.

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