Podcast: Matty & Greeny from Roughneck Riot

Our latest podcast features folk-punk tour-de-force, Roughneck Riot! This is the most fun I’ve had recording a long while. It’s also the first face-to-face one I’ve been able to do in a long while.

Roughneck Riot are currently making a comeback. Their 2019 hiatus was meant to last one year, but Covid had other plans. Now, at the beginning of 2022, they’ve just dropped their third studio album Burn It To The Ground. It’s

I sat down with Matty Humphries (vocals/mandolin) and Chris Green (guitar/vocals) at Greeny’s house in Warrington. We grabbed some beers and some mics and proceeded to talk about the new record, the evolution of the band from a fun teenage project to the skilled troupe they are now, and how arguing about songwriting is the key to making tunes as memorable as theirs. We also tell some wildly inaccurate, libellous stories about Faintest Idea.

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At the end of the podcast you can hear their single Don’t Count Me Out. Roughneck Riot’s new album Burn It To The Ground is out now on SBAM Records. UK listeners can pick up a copy direct from the band: roughneckriot.co.uk/store

Cover photo by Hold My Pint Photography.

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