Podcast: Joe Dimuantes from The Human Project & Sounds of Swami

Joe Dimuantes is a talented multi-instrumentalist who’s been part of the Leeds/Keighley music scene for many years. He drums in post-hardcore act Sounds of Swami and bass in revered skate-punks The Human Project. The latter band hit pause before lockdown, but Sounds of Swami are actively writing and recording right now, working on a follow up to 2017’s Furniture for Modern Living.

Joe and I sat down in August and has a chat about how the world was growing, after the weight of lockdowns and the absence of live music. We had a reflective conversation on a rainy Sunday afternoon, covering the benefits of slowing down and taking a break from music, the wild memories we have of nu-metal and ska-punk bands of the past, and the oppressive heat and sticky floors of punk shows. We had a lengthy conversation about Random Hand because, apparently, I can’t resist it. Joe also gave us an insight into the future intentions of Sounds of Swami, The Human Project and a rather intriguing potential cover band…

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Sounds of Swami had a brand new track included on the Fugazi charity compilation put together by the folks at Ripcord Records. Silence is a Dangerous Sound: A Tribute to Fugazi is out now – it’s an incredible, wide-ranging project featuring Fugazi covers from 43 bands. Big-name contributors include Shai Hulud, Authority Zero, La Dispute and Belvedere … plus a band called Couch Slut, which has me intrigued. Be sure to check out the compilation.

Big shout out to The Parish in Huddersfield – an excellent venue that’s a must-visit if you find yourself in the north. Shoutouts also to Random Hand, Lightyear and Lockjaw Records’ Black Lives Matter compilation who feature heavily in the conversation.

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