Podcast: Punk Rock Radio – August 2021

Shout Louder’s latest Punk Rock Radio podcast is available to stream now on all your favourite podcast platforms – including Spotify, Apple Music, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Anchor and Pocket Casts.

We’re reinvigorating Shout Louder and giving a new look and feel to our regular punk rock podcasts. We’re still going to release interview-style episodes where we talk to bands and fans about the music, nonsense and the way of the punk rock world … however we’re also going to release regular ‘Punk Rock Radio’ episodes to highlight some of the best new music coming out.

This is the first of our new style of Punk Rock Radio podcasts. Listen to our favourite new alt rock releases, with some old classics thrown in. Sarah discusses the vinyl shortage, nostalgia comebacks, the return of gigs, and whatever else comes to mind!

This episode features:

  • Kali Masi – Still Life
  • Maisonette – Lifeboat
  • Bruise Control – Taxman
  • Fair Do’s – Casket
  • La Armada – White Jesus
  • Cherym – Kisses On My Cards
  • Shackleford – 3AM
  • Burning Flag – Man Up
  • Hell Is For Heroes – I Can Climb Mountains
  • Grand Collapse – Empty Plinths
  • Alexisonfire – .44 Calibre Love Letter

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