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I hate Facebook. I hate Twitter and Instagram too. I hate that for every five posts, I’m forced to see an advert. I hate that to engage with my friends and with bands, I have to engage with big corporations too. It’s hardly what DIY punk rock is about.

When I started Shout Louder 5 years ago, social media was the best place to promote articles. Nowadays, if you want to get your post seen by your audience you have to pay for it, which just isn’t feasible for small DIY blog / zines / podcasts like this one.

I promise I won’t spam you – I’m too lazy for that! I’ll send you a digest with any new articles, podcasts or announcements. My plan is to include some news as well – noteworthy new releases, tour announcements and the best new music videos.

All the best,

Sarah W @ Shout Louder

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