Exclusive: Matilda’s Scoundrels release new video single ‘Jousting Crowd’

Matilda’s Scoundrels are returning the scene with a rousing new single Jousting Crowd. This is the first track from their upcoming EP The Devil’s Dues, due out on TNS Records on February 26th.

Shout Louder were lucky enough to get the first glimpse of the new material, and we wanted to share it with you before its release. With the fitting chorus of ‘bring back the jousting crowd again’, it’s the soundtrack we need for when the lockdown’s lifted.

Remember gigs? The video cobbles together live material with all the memorable bits that happen between the gigs themselves. Reminisce about sleeping in vans, using ice lollies to fix hangovers, Pooh sticks and drinking at people’s houses after gigs.

You can pre-order Matilda’s Scoundrels new 7” The Devil’s Dues now, ahead of it’s release on 26th February. It features two new tracks that were recorded during the As The Tide Turns sessions.

No strangers to a gig shenanigan (row boat and a human pyramid, anyone?), we best get practicing our jousting moves for Matilda’s Scoundrels’ next set. The song’s chorus grew from one of the band’s conversations whilst sat in the van or waiting for a gig to start: “If fishing is a sport then jousting should be again as well!”

Matilda’s Scoundrels are a 6-piece from Hastings who mix traditional folk instruments with a punchy punk backline, creating songs for dancing, shouting and drinking along to. The took a short live hiatus before all the bands were forced into it, but the new EP is the sign of life that we need right now.

Pre-order the new EP from TNS Records: http://bit.ly/MS-DevilsDues

Cover photo by Mark Richards.

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