PAPERCUTS book raises over £1,000 for Music Venue Trust

I’m pleased to announced that our new book PAPERCUTS #2 has raised over £1,000 for the Music Venue Trust on the pre-order alone!

We wanted to give back to grassroots music venues: they were in enough trouble before the pandemic hit, but the recent chaos is threatening many venues with closure. Music Venue Trust are a superb charity that support 670 iconic UK venues through fundraising, resources and guidance. They work to gain recognition of the essential role that these venues fulfil, not only for artist development, but also for the cultural and music industries, the economy and local communities.

Every single penny of profit from PAPERCUTS #2 will be donated towards MVT’s #SaveOurVenues fund. This supports the 30 UK venues that are faced with imminent, permanent closure. We’ve over the moon to have raised over £1,000 so far, but we’re aiming even higher!

PAPERCUTS is a 196-page paperback book celebrating gigs, festivals and tours. Over 50 writers and photographers have contributed to the book, primarily from the UK’s DIY punk scene.

Donate to the Music Venue Trust; buy your copy here:

PAPERCUTS was due to land on doorsteps before Christmas but, as is typical of 2020, COVID-19’s doomed it to delivery mid-January. We’ve also reprinted PAPERCUTS #1, which sold out in January 2020 shortly after going on-sale. It’s available on its own, or in a great value bundle containing both books.

Yesterday, Shout Louder also announced a new project: Beyond Cataclysm Books. Sarah Shout Louder has teamed up with Chris Lowry from Warrington Ska Punk, who’s an author as well as our in-house ska-punk doctor (you may remember him from PAPERCUTS #1). Beyond Cataclysm is a new micro-publisher which aims to combine heart and excellence in all its works, hoping to help new authors to get their words to a wider audience.

PAPERCUTS #2 is being published by Beyond Cataclysm. We’re hoping this collaboration will be enable us to raise even more money for the Music Venue Trust.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy of PAPERCUTS #2 so far. Thank you for spreading the word and for joining us in celebrating DIY punk rock.

Written by Sarah Williams.

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  1. I am looking to scare up reviews for my new record “Handful of Hits.” The collection will be released on April 1st (GADM/limited 12″ vinyl). Like The CRY! records, the new release is full of power-pop tracks infused with TOMMY’s energy, experiences, and attitude.

    Like his 2020 release (First Hits Free) the new record is my attempt to stop down my music to bare emotion and only produce/polish enough to get the point across.

    If you are down to do an early review, I will be happy to send you a Bandcamp download the includes artwork and lyrics. Let me know. Thanks for your time and ongoing support.



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