PAPERCUTS #2: Submission Guidelines

Shout Louder’s first print zine was released in January 2020, with 250 copies selling out in two weeks. PAPERCUTS is a 92-page paperback book collecting submissions from 34 writers and photographers from within the DIY punk scene, including authors in the UK, Canada, Belgium, Denmark and South Africa. 

Following the unprecedented success of PAPERCUTS #1, I’m keen to make another high-quality book celebrating the DIY punk scene. This time, a proportion of the proceeds will be donated to The Music Venue Trust’s Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Fund.

The theme for this edition is Gigs, Festivals & Tours. 

What does live music mean to you? Tell us a story about a festival you’ve been to, a tour that flew by in a blur or a gig you’ll be telling your grandkids about. It can be serious or ridiculous, harrowing or joyful, reflective or speculative… and all things in between. Tell us your story as you’d tell a mate in the back of a pub.

Live music has always been incredibly important, however the absence of festivals and tours in 2020 has demonstrated just how essential gigs are. The energy and camaraderie you feel in a sweaty, crowded basement punk show is a unique experience. Albums just don’t sound the same as a raucous live set. The friends you share cigarettes with between band’s sets, who hold you up in the human pyramids, and who you celebrate on stage are often mates you don’t get to see elsewhere.  

Let’s fill the void left by live music this year with a collection of stories of gigs, festivals and tours. Don’t let anxiety get in your way – get writing, send us your best work and be part of something cool.

Submission Guidelines

  • Written Submissions:
    • We’re open to fiction, non-fiction and poetry – anything that inspires you
    • 1000 words or less (unless it’s really bloody good!)
    • Cursing, crudeness and brutal honesty are all welcome
    • We won’t accept anything that’s derogatory towards specific bands or individuals
    • If you need help with editing, English translation or are feeling uncertain… don’t panic! Send us what you’ve got and we’ll help you to make it your best.
  • Photography Submissions:
    • We’d love to see your best photos of festivals and tours, especially crowd shots and candid photos (not just live shots)
    • All photos should be high-resolution
    • Black and white preferred
    • We need lots of portrait shots
    • Maximum 10 photos per photographer
Please email submissions to with ‘PAPERCUTS Submission’ in the subject line.
Deadline for submissions is November 8th 2020.

Unfortunately, we have limited print space, so we may not be able to accept all submissions.

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