Podcast: Punk Rock Radio – Round #3

This week’s punk rock radio hours is choc full of brand new tunes. I’ve delved into the world of recent releases and collected my favourite new songs, peppered with a few old classics for good measure. 

It’s mid-August at hotter than the fires of hell in Manchester right now, so this was a sweaty recording. It reminded me of festival season, driving hours in burning sun and finding new bands out there in the fields full of drunk punks. 

The podcast is hosted on Soundcloud, but you can subscribe on any podcatchers of your choice (apart from Spotify, who make life difficult for us little podcasters). Enjoy!

This week’s tunes come courtesy of:

  • Burnt Tapes – Get It Got It Good
  • CF98 – Gasoline
  • Devon Kay & The Solutions – WWBCD
  • The Sinking Teeth – Landslide
  • Bates Motel – Last Night
  • High Visions – When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me In
  • Face to Face – You Lied
  • 3dBs Down – Pink Cardigan Twinset
  • ALL – Breaking Up
  • Other Half – Tiny Head
  • Don Blake – Polaroid
  • Rooftape – All My Rage
  • Fair Do’s – Carried Away

Let us know what you think, and subscribe on your favourite platform to ensure you get the latest episodes as soon as they’re released.


Sarah W x

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