Podcast: Punk Rock Radio – Round #1

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus with our regular Shout Louder Podcast activity – largely to do laziness! After weeks of coronavirus lockdown, I thought it was time to share some new music with you, albeit in a different format to usual.

Rather than my usual offbeat interview-style, I’ve compiled a radio show of new punk rock releases, with a few older favourites thrown in. I’ve talked my usual absolute nonsense between songs for you listening pleasure.

Listen below or subscribe on Soundcloud / any decent podcast platform for an hour of upbeat tunes.

On today’s show, we listen to the following:

  • Hightime – Quit Ya Job
  • Cigar – Classic You
  • Modern Shakes – Fair Do’s
  • Sunliner – Average At Best
  • Lesdystics – Saturday and No Mija
  • Stonethrower – Deadpanning
  • Not On Tour – Therapy
  • Random Hand – Protect & Survive
  • Tim Loud – What Am I?
  • One Hidden Frame – 16 Hours
  • Nosebleed – Scratching Circles
  • Gnarwolves – Smoking Kills
  • Link 80 – Verbal Kint
  • Pkew Pkew Pkew – The Polynesian
  • Free Throw – Two Beers In

What do you think of the new format? Let me know in the comments – I reckon I’ll do a few more like this, ’cause it’s fun.

Fear not, our regular interview-style podcast is not dead. I’ve got a few episodes in the works, but as it’s a just-for-fun endeavour I’m not putting pressure on myself to get anything out at a certain time. It’s done when it’s done.

Cheers from your host, Sarah W x

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