Review: Crooked Little Sons – Snake

Review by Ollie Stygall.

When was the last time you stood in a small venue and watched a band that you truly thought were something special? A band that had something else about them – dare I say it – star quality?

Yes, there are an awful lot of incredible bands around that deserve more attention and exposure than they maybe get, but occasionally a band comes along that transcends that and lifts them to a higher level. One night in the crappy coastal town of Torquay, in a small venue, playing at gone midnight after a televised boxing match, this happened to me. The band? Crooked Little Sons.

Crooked Little Sons have ‘it’… whatever ‘it’ is. Their sound is an amalgam of punk rock, garage rock and old school rock and roll, combining elements of Motorhead, The Bronx, The Hives, AC/DC, early Hellacopters and The Stooges. It’s a fast, raw blast of blues riffs capped off with raw vocals, a thrilling ride on the knife edge of the darker side of the history of rock and roll.

The new single Snake continues very much where all previous recordings leave off, and there have been a few. This is a very good thing as everything they have released so far has been pure gold. It’s rapid, shouty, noisy and catchier than a dose of the runs in a pre-school! I’m about four listens in and already I feel compelled to shout the opening line of ‘you’re a waster’ at random strangers!

As exceptional as this single is, and their entire back catalogue for that matter, it’s the Crooked Little Sons live experience that you need to experience first-hand. The band hit the stage suited and booted and tear through their set with the intensity and force of a chainsaw through a sapling.

Front man Josh Bessant is a new rock and roll hero in the making, like the bizarre love child of Iggy Pop, Pelle from The Hives and James Brown. He cannot be contained and often finds himself separated from his microphone by a considerable distance as he can be dancing on the bar, on someone’s shoulders, standing on a table… anywhere other than the stage. They are the righteous distillation of 60 years of rock and roll in 45 terrifying, beautiful and electrifying minutes.

Basically, you need to listen to Snake. You need to listen to their entire back catalogue. You need to go and see them live. If they’re not playing near you, you need to find a venue, hire it and book them. You need to tell everyone about this band.

Review by Ollie Stygall.

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