Win A DIY Punk Rock Mega-Bundle!

Here at Shout Louder, we try our hardest to champion independent record labels. They work hard to support small bands, with no expectation of financial return. Although we’re all for doing-it-yourself, small record labels are an essential cog in our musical machine.

To celebrate some of our favourite labels, we’ve teamed up with TNSRecords, Lockjaw Records, Charlie’s Big Raygun Records and Less Talk, More Records.

We’re offering you a one-off chance to win this huge bundle of vinyl, CDs and other assorted goodies.

To enter head over to our Instagram page. Find the competition post, follow the record label accounts and tag a friend. You have until midnight Saturday 6th October to enter, and we’ll choose a winner on Sunday 7th.

Here’s what you could win:

  • Manchester Punk Festival Photobook (Shout Louder / Cold Front Photography)
  • Random Hand – Another Change Of Plan (12’’)
  • Almeida – Social Media Circus (CD)
  • Pizzatramp – Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan (12’’)
  • Nosebleed – Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor (12’’)
  • Monolithian – The Waning Room (12’’)
  • Money Left To Burn vs. The Affect Heuristic (CD split)
  • Symphony of Distraction – Horse (CD)
  • Bare Teeth – First The Town Then The World (CD)
  • Shatterhand – The Solitude of Prime Numbers (12’’)
  • The SLM – Death Aquatic / Death Jurassic (12’’)
  • Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – That Was Just A Noise (12’’)
  • Hooked On Christ / Hackjob (7’’ split)
  • Lockjaw Records Frisbee
  • Throwing Stuff Tote Bag

Charlie’s Big Raygun Records is record label and distro based in Portsmouth, specialising in punk, hardcore and thrash, with a dabbling of folk. They also put on shows as part of Portsmouth Punk Promotions, and run a superb punk rock TV channel: CBRG TV. They’re far ahead of the game in the world of producing excellent videos. 

TNSrecords is a Manchester based independent record label that started out as a fanzine in 2003 but developed into a label in 2008. TNS are known for their grassroots, ethically-minded approach to releases, always doing their best to stoke the fires of the music community with their releases. They’re also big on fun. 

  • Bands include Pizzatramp, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Incisions, Grand Collapse, Nosebleed, Random Hand, Tim Loud, Casual Nausea and Revenge of The Psychotronic Man
  • Support them at their website

Lockjaw Records is an independent European punk and hardcore label, looked after by a team of five pals, including Shout Louder’s Sarah W. They’re proud to be part of a thriving international music community, built on friendship, social-responsibility and a mutual love of punk rock. 

Less Talk, More Records is an international distro and label started in late 2012 by some enthusiasts from the Skatepunkers community. Nowadays, Less Talk is best known for it excellent punk rock podcast, which you can enjoy here.  Joelle of Less Talk is also an essential part of the Lockjaw Records crew. 

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