Shout Louder Print Zine #1: Submission Guidelines

DIY punk rock has created a unique community of open-minded, socially-conscious music lovers. To celebrate this, Shout Louder is making a one-off print zine: a collection of stories about people’s experiences in the community.

Tell us the story of how you first stumbled upon DIY punk rock; the best gig you’ve ever been to; the anecdotes you shared over a smoke between bands; the time someone you’d just met lent you their van to move house; the time you fell in love; the time a gig saved your life.

Share a short story of how punk rock’s impacted your life, however big or small.

We’ve all read essays about how great punk rock is and we’d rather not reiterate them. Instead, we want to add a personal twist: please write in first-person, autobiographical style. Short stories with dialogue are especially welcome.

Tell us your story as you’d tell a mate in the back of a pub.

  • 1000 words or less (longer submissions may be considered)
  • Your story can be positive or negative
  • We’re open to poetry, flash-fiction, artwork or photography submissions
  • Cursing, crudeness and brutal honesty are all welcome, but we won’t accept anything that’s excessively derogatory towards bands or individuals

Please email submissions to with ‘Print Zine Submission’ in the subject line.

Deadline for submissions is November 17th 2019.

The zine will be printed in time for Do It Together Fest (24-25th January 2020 at New Cross Inn, London). The zine will be available as part of a discounted ticket bundle, or available to purchase direct from the Shout Louder webstore.

Unfortunately, we have limited print space, so we may not be able to accept all submissions.

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