Exclusive: Fabled Mind premiere new single ‘Entangled’

Shout Louder are proud to bring you the second single from new Danish punk rockers Fabled Mind.

Fabled Mind released their first single Before The Slaughter to a great reception in August. The band is the brainchild of frontman Dion Finne, who’s been crafting their exceptional full-length album for months. Although new to the music scene, they bring a modern melodic twist to RX Bandits-style fast punk, using combined experience from their other bands (including Shout Louder favourites Forever Unclean).

Entangled is my attempt to write an uplifting song,” says Dion Finne, on the latest single. “We all face situations and times in our lives where everything seems hopeless and inconsequential. Some people are stuck in a toxic relationship, some hate their work life and 45% of the Danish population feel lonely. Loneliness is a powerful and gripping feeling that can provoke anxiety and force you to avoid social situations in the belief that people don’t need you and that you don’t need them.

“Throughout my work as a teacher and social educator, I know several young men and women who have no one other than their parents to turn to. They live in isolation, typically with their computer, which occupies most of their lives. Entangled deals with social injustice and is dedicated to them, in a way, as much as it is to myself. No matter how hard or unfair life seems, you are the only one who can change your situation. It stresses the importance of asking for help when you need it, and knowing it is definitely around you.

“Nothing is permanent, face your fears, learn to live with them and don’t let them control your life!”

Fabled Mind’s debut album Passenger is due for release on all digital platforms in late 2019. Follow their Facebook and Instagram for the latest information.

The band are also doing a small UK tour in October, taking in Glasgow, Warrington, Reading and Portsmouth:

Fabled Mind UK Tour Poster.jpg

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