Playlist: The Best Live Punk Rock Bands of 2019 (so far…)

Curated by Sarah Williams.

We’ve made a Spotify playlist of all the best punk rock bands we’ve seen live this year, just for you. Want to discover your new favourite band, or relive the best music festivals of 2019? Look no further.

Live music is the best barometer for new bands. No matter your budget, it’s impossible to capture the energy of a good gig on vinyl. Watching a band live is the fastest way to fall in love with them.

Writing in August, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a plenty of punk gigs and festivals already this year. Feisty bands like Not On TourThe Penske File and Nosebleed have consistently got me dancing. I’ve been impressed by old favourites like The Bronx and Consumed, who haven’t lost their edge. And I’ve caught new acts like Cryptic Street and Daves and had my mind blown.

Here is a Spotify playlist of the best punk rock bands of 2019 so far. Who would be on your list?

The full playlist includes: Burnt Tapes, Call Me Malcolm, Camp High Gain, Chaser, Cigar, Consumed, Coral Springs, Cryptic Street, Darko, DAVES, EAT DIRT,  Faintest Idea, Fastfade, Fights & Fires, Goodbye Blue Monday, Haest, Incisions, La Armada, Mute, Nosebleed, Not On Tour, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Press Club, Random Hand, SKIV, Spanish Love Songs, Svalbard, The Bronx, The Friday Prophets, The Human Project, The Penske File, Tim Loud and Wolfrik.

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Cover photo: Goodbye Blue Monday live at Soup Kitchen, Manchester, taken by Josh Sumner / Cold Front Photography.


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