5 Hot New Punk Rock Releases You Should Be Listening To

Article by Sarah Williams.

Sometimes punk rock goes through a drought. Other times, it’s a flood. February has been a tsunami of top-drawer punk rock records, more than we’ve been able to keep up with!

To make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve rounded up our favourite new releases below. There have also been some excellent new singles from SKIV, Wild Tales, Blind Man Death Stare, Tip of OlympVs and more – check out our ‘Something To Shout About’ Spotify playlist for all the latest tracks!

Burnt Tapes – Never Better

Released February 22nd on Lockjaw Records (UK/EU) & Wiretap Records (US)

The hotly tipped debut album from London ‘regret-punks’ Burnt Tapes has received some sterling reviews in the weeks leading up to its release. Crafted over the last couple of years, Never Better builds on the solid melodic foundation of their EP Alterations (Shout Louder’s EP Of The Year 2017), harking back to older songs through fleeting lyrical references, while also developing the band’s sound into something greater and deserving of major appreciation.

Pkew Pkew Pkew – Optimal Lifestyles

Released March 1st on Big Scary Monsters (UK) and Dine Alone Records (CAN)

Optimal Lifestyles is an catchy slice of Americana-infused Canadian punk rock that will hook you instantly, nonemoreso than on single 65 Nickles. This is a deeper, more mature release than last year’s self-titled effort (which we spoke to the band about here). Pkew Pkew Pkew are a snappy, growing punk rock group with the potential to go far this year – touring with Eat Defeat in March and with Spanish Love Songs in May – get this in your ears now.

Bash Brothers – Downhearted

Released February 8th on Thousand Islands Records

There’s plenty of deserved hype for the new Adrenalized album at the moment, but if you really want a killer new melodic hardcore record, look no further than Bash Brothers. Featuring some of the tightest drum sounds you will ever encounter and the kind of techy guitars that make me do that widdly air guitar thing in my kitchen, much to the embrassment of anyone with me. There’s a fierce metal undercurrent surging through Downhearted, strongest in some the heavier, growled vocal breakdowns.

Coral Springs – Always Lost, Never Found

Released February 22nd on SBAM Records (EU) and Umlaut Records (UK)

Dutch pop-punks Coral Springs have injected new life into the band with the release of this, their debut full-length album. It’s an intensely poppy approach to classic, 90s skate-style punk rock, lifted by Jo Bouwmeester’s soaring vocals. Her voice has the clarity and finesse of Haley Williams or Avril Lavigne with none of the sell-out skater boi bullshit, weaving in some very personal, honest lyrical themes. If you like your punk poppy and polished, Alway Lost, Never Found is a great choice for you.

Wolfrik – Skeleton City

Released March 1st on Lockjaw Records (EU) and Thousand Islands Records (CAN)

Wolfrik are a Canadian melodic-thrash whirlwind due to invade the Europe in April, beginning with an appearance at Manchester Punk Festival. To celebrate the tour, Lockjaw Records and Thousand Island Records are releasing their debut EP Skeleton City on lurid punk vinyl. If you haven’t listened to Wolfrik yet, now is the time. Want to learn more? Check out our interview with the band.

What hot new punk rock records have we missed? What should we be listening to in March? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S.: Be sure to check out Tip of OlympVs – the hottest new band to hit the scene.

Article by Sarah Williams.

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