Premiere: Midwich Cuckoos Release Video For ‘Black Velvet’

Midwich Cuckoos are here with a brand new single! This international punk / rock / metal crossover band know no boundaries, breaking the mould musically and geographically (although they can largely be found in London).

Their rousing rock cover of Alannah MylesBlack Velvet is both a nod to Elvis’ influence and a milestone for a band, marking the amicable departure of their incredible singer, Valentina Visintin.

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The video for Black Velvet shows Elvis rockingly ressurected, as the band pay tribute at his funeral. Their electrifying live show breathes new life into Black Velvet, which was notably Elvis’ favourite brand of whiskey and the brand of hair dye he used later in life.

“We’d been playing around with some influences and ‘90s covers in rehearsal to get a feel for each other. We started to add Black Velvet to our live set. The song goes down well and sums up the Midwich Cuckoos at that point.” explains guitarist, Lesley-Anne O’Brien. “We thought we’d record it to document our sound as this line-up, as we have developed into a live band now, instead of a remote project.”

Midwich Cuckoos initially started out as a experiment between friends, to collaborate and write songs. Named after John Wyndham’s classic 1957 tale of aliens in our midst, the band have reinvigorated a classic punk rock sound. In 2018, the band found themselves quickly bringing in a crowd and supporting scene heroes like Sumo Cyco, In Evil Hour and Maid of Ace.

Midwich Cuckoos are progressing into a new exciting phase and have brought singer Tanzy Velayne and a third guitarist, Rob Jones, to the live band and the studio. The band are currently recording their follow-up release to We Are Everywhere later in the year.

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