Band Spotlight: City Mouse [Interview]

Southern Californian punk trio City Mouse have crept into the hearts and minds of punk fans in the last few years, humbly becoming a more familiar name. You may have caught the in the UK in 2018 as part a tour with beloved Scottish power-punks The Murderburgers – they’re a treat live!

In support of that tour, Little Rocket Records released the latest City Mouse album Get Right in a limited edition crimson vinyl.

We spoke to vocalist and guitarist Miski Dee to learn more.

Your latest album, Get Right, gives a big tug to the emotional heartstrings. Was that something you sent out to do when you started writing for it?

No. I’ve always used songwriting to work out heartache. It’s not intentional. It’s just something I absolutely have to do to help myself.

What inspired you most when writing for the album?

Just life and loss, really.

Were there any themes you were aiming to convey lyrically?

No, my songs are truly just natural expression.

You’ve publically made a point of ditching your day job in favour of dedicating your life to music. What advice would you give to someone looking to do the same?

Be ready to hustle.

Do you ever contemplate going back to the rat race?

Not at all. I could never be happy there.

City Mouse is a pretty evocative band name. Where’s your favourite countryside hideaway?

I’d say anywhere in the South. Lexington, Kentucky will always be a comfortable place to come home to, since it’s where I started this band and why I named the band City Mouse.

[At the time of writing] You’re currently out on a European tour, having done a run of dates in the UK in September. What’s been the best thing to happen so far on these dates?

I’d say the whole experience would be the best thing! We’ve never toured Europe before and it’s been a goal of mine for so very long.

And what about the worst? Any tour disasters?

No tour disasters yet but there’s still time!

You’ve toured a lot in the past with The Murderburgers, as well as releasing as 7’’ split together. What would you say makes your bond with that band so special?

Honestly our common denominator is probably songs about loss, death and depression played by a real goof troop of people who are always joking around, having fun and loving each other.  I think both Fraser and I use songwriting and keeping busy to get us through life a lot of the time so there’s a natural connection.

Do you have a favourite tour in-joke that you could share with us?

My personal favorite is yelling down the street for an Uber. Our UK driver was calling us an Uber outside of a bar and he just kept screaming Uber at the top of his lungs at the drivers to let them know where we were. Three Ubers decided not to pick us up because they were terrified of him (a rough and tough looking 6’5” welshman).

Is there anything you’re missing about home?

Not really.  I don’t really have any roots or a hometown so I’ve not really had “home” ever. They say home is where the heart is and I tour with my partner, so it’s here.

What are your ambitions for the band in the future?

I’d like to get more music out more frequently. Other than that, I just plan on keeping it going as long as I can.

Like what you hear? Check out City Mouse on Facebook or Spotify. You can pick up their latest release Get Dead via Little Rocket Records.

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