Main Line 10: Fierce Spanish Melodic Hardcore [Interview]

Interview by Sarah Williams.

Main Line 10 deliver a whirlwind of positive melodic hardcore loaded with adrenaline. Originating from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, they’re one of the most exciting live acts Europe has to offer.  Their latest release The Fox featured on our Top 10 Punk Rock Albums of 2018, and they’re due an appearance at Manchester Punk Festival in April.

After falling madly in love with their latest record, we were keen to speak to drummer Dani Amengual about their 13 year history as a band, their latest release and their touring plans for 2019.

You’ve been together since 2005. How do you think you’ve grown as a band, and as people in that time?

As a band I think we could have done more things and better, for example our two first records sound like crap! (AdrenaLine released 2006 and Today Is Tomorrow released 2009) We could have done more tours and more shows but when you start a band at 17/18 years old, nobody tells you how to to those things, and didn’t have social media in 2005.

I think we’ve grown well as a band and as people. We are the same as we were in the beginning with the same humor, same bad jokes and with a strong friendship between us… We’re fatter and have more hair in our faces but, in the end: the same.

Over those 13 years you’ve no doubt seen some changes in the international music scene. Many people are saying skate-punk’s on the rise at the moment. Do you think that’s true and, if so, what do you think is driving it forward?

I think it’s kinda true. Bands like Comeback Kid (for example) are more melodic than before – I really love their last album just for that. I don’t remember more cases right now, but you know what I mean: a lot of bands are changing their style at bit and some punk rock bands are doing reunion shows (Beerbong) so it looks like the skate-punk / melodic hardcore scene is growing a bit. We’ve also got recent bands like Acid Snot and Bates Motel rising with huge energy.

I’m overwhelmingly excited to see you guys playing in the UK in the near future. On record, you’re incredibly high energy. Can British audiences expect the same from your live shows?

Yes I think so! I think we are ‘better’ as a live band, we play a little bit faster than on the records and, in my opinion, we bring more energy on the stage.

What do you do to prepare yourself for touring and playing live?

We try to prepare everything before the tour (sleeping places, transport, venues, bands, contacts) and we play the setlist in the rehearsals like the show’s gonna be.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with your album The Fox. I think Rise & Fall and Voices & Souls are works of genius! Do you have a part of the album you’re most proud of?

Totally agree with you with those two songs, but I also love Outatime, and I think people love it too.

What inspired you most when writing for the record?

We’re inspired by what we’re living in the specific time when we are about to record or compose something, but I think the thing that most inspires me is to think in the future, to release the album to play a lot of gigs, tours and meet old and new people around the world.

Lyrically, are there any themes you’ve tried to stick with on The Fox?

We always talk kind of same things, friendship, the music scene, to be patient with life, to go straight and forget the rubbish of the past.

You play incredibly tight, fast skate-punk. Did you grow up with those kinds of bands, or were you listening to a range of genres?

We have different influences: for example Adrian (vocals/guitar) is our metalhead, he loves death metal, metal-core but also tech skate-punk, 90’s punk rock. Barto vocals/ guitar) likes pop punk, tech skate-punk and acoustic stuff. Toni, our bassist likes 90’s punk rock, reggae and some flamenco. My favourite three genres are punk rock, pop punk and metal.

There have been some incredible fast-punk releases this year. Are there any bands you’re really enjoying right now?

We are really enjoying some albums like Fair Do’sLeoapards, Clarion Call by The Human Project and Never Gonna Die by Pennywise.

What’s been your proudest moment with Main Line 10 so far?

Our first Japan tour, it will be in my memory forever!

You’re based in Mallorca – how do you feel your location has influenced your sound, if at all? What’s the music scene like in Mallorca?

To live in a island is not the best option for a band that wants to play shows out of their hometown. Always travelling by plane or by boat makes things difficult a lot of the time, but we survived 13 years – we’re doing good.

What’s your favourite of the places you’ve played? Do you have plans to tour more next year?

My favorite places: Japan, Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia and Valencia. Our plan is to fix a tour for February/March, play some gigs in Spain and Europe.

What are your ambitions for Main Line 10 in the future?

To compose new music, play some festivals and release a tour documentary of our last Asian tour (Japan and Taiwan).

Main Line 10’s next UK appearance will be at Manchester Punk Festival in April. In the meantime, be sure to check out The Fox. It was one of our Top 10 Albums of 2018 – a guaranteed win for any fan of melodic harcore.

Interview by Sarah Williams.

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