Band Spotlight: Molars [Interview]

Molars are a new alternative / pop-punk / emo band from Nottingham with a fresh and exciting sound. We spoke to them to learn more.

You’re releasing your very first EP Tight, But Not Groundbreaking soon. How long has it been in the works?

Dec: We recorded the entire EP in June at Phoenix Sound Studios. Since then we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, such as filming our own music video.

Is the title what you’re aiming for, or are you predicting the reviews?

Matt: Funny story – after our first gig in Nottingham, a bloke from one of the other bands came over and said we sounded tight, but not groundbreaking. This seemed like a really weird thing to say to a band after they played their first ever set (however true it may be!), so it seemed only right to name our EP after this interaction!

How would you sum up Molars for someone who’s just discovering you?

Chris: I guess we come under the banner of pop punk for the most part but with some elements of emo with some of the guitar parts and lyrics.

Tell me a bit about how Molars came to be – how did you meet?

Dec: Chris and Matt started playing together in August 2017 and made a demo (which has since been remastered and is available on spotify). I joined afterwards in late November after seeing an advert online and things progressed pretty quickly from there!

What other bands have most inspired you when you’ve been writing for Molars?

Matt: We draw inspiration from a lot of different bands, from pop bands such as the 1975 and Pale Waves, to emo/post-rock bands such as American Football and Taking Back Sunday.

Lyrically, do you feel you’ve kept a theme throughout the Tight, But Not Groundbreaking EP?

Chris: We weren’t going for a specific theme as such as some of the parts have been written for a while however I think they all seem to fit together into a similar topic.

What’s one release you’re really obsessed with right now?

Dec: We all really enjoyed the latest Tiny Moving Parts album Swell and we can’t wait to hear Pale Waves‘ new stuff!

Do any of you have creative projects outside of Molars? Have you been in other bands previously?

Matt: This is the second band I’ve been in. Dec and Chris have both been in a few bands: Dec was most recently with The Breakdowns and Chris has mostly been a solo artist.

What do you like to do when you’re not playing music?

Chris: We go for a drink together after practice which is always cool. To be honest though I mainly just sit and play guitar while I’m at home!

What are your ambitions for the band in the future?

Dec: At the moment we’re just excited to share our new music with as many people as possible. With any luck we’ll be playing some great shows soon and we’ve already got new material that we’re excited to start working on too!

Molars are offering a free download featuring Lizzy Farrall here:

Keep up with Molars on Bandcamp or Facebook.

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