Exclusive: Haest Premiere Video For ‘I Didn’t Throw A Single Stone And I Still Got Pissed On’

Shout Louder are proud to bring you the first single from new Hastings’ hardcore act Haest. The band have burst onto the scene with their first release: EP#1, which is available on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want.

“I Didn’t Throw A Single Stone And I Still Got Pissed On is basically about lying politicians and the media,” explained vocalist, Dave Cullern. “Tricking people into being stupid or making stupid choices, like Brexit, Trump or being racist…. and the damage that does to the world.”

Or, as guitarist, Dan Flanagan, put it: “It’s about a cunt called Amber Rudd.”

Either way, pop this on your stereo, sit back and watch Haest blow up.

Like what you hear? Read our recent interview with the band here.Featuring members of The Barracks, Matilda’s Scoundrels, The Dead Anyways and Wizard Fight, Haest are effectively a DIY supergroup, who’ve already landed some great gigs. Get ready to see a lot more of them in future!

Follow them on Facebook, and catch Haest live on one of these dates:

  • Thu 6th September – UCA, Canterbury w/ Hard Skin
  • Fri 7th September – Bee’s Mouth, Hove
  • Mon 10th September – The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth w/ Grand Collapse Sat
  • 29th September – The Palace, Hastings | Wotsit Called Fest
  • Fri 5th October – The Smokehouse, Ipswich
  • Sun 7th October – The Lady Luck, Canterbury w/ Vanilla Pod
  • Fri 12th October – Crowleys Bar, Hastings
  • Sat 10th November – Wharf Chambers, Leeds | Pie Race Festival
  • Sat 1st December – The Palace, Hastings w/ Youth Avoiders

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