Exclusive: The Human Project Premiere Video And Announce Tour

We’re proud to share the new video from Leed’s premiere technical melodic hardore act The Human Project!

Pride Before A Fall is the latest single to be released from their second full-length album Clarion Call. To add emphasis to the subject matter of the song, the video is stripped back and claustrophobic. Guitarist, Luke Yates, explained his inspiration for the track:

Pride Before A Fall is an unusually personal song for me. It started out life as a rant against one complete stranger on a train to Leeds once, who was laughing very loudly to his mate about the recent sad death of the actor Robin Williams, and how he couldn’t believe that someone so rich and famous could possibly have anything to be sad about.

It just so happened that I’d been reading that morning about the high rate of ill mental health and suicide in the financial services sector in the UK’s biggest cities. The article focussed on young men in their 20s and early 30s who were keen to impress their bosses by working insane hours, and by never showing any outward signs of ‘weakness’.

Not to judge a book by its cover, but this guy fitted the bill perfectly – clearly a city office worker, keen that everyone should hear his view that Williams ‘only had himself to blame’.

It struck me that he perhaps didn’t realise that he was, statistically, in a group particularly at-risk of extreme mental health issues, and that maybe if he was aware of this, he might wind his neck in a bit, but I guess probably not…

All of this made me pretty angry and upset, due to the fact that an old school friend of mine who I’d only recently reconnected with, had taken his own life just weeks earlier, having last been seen on that same service to Leeds.

The second prechorus centres around another old friend with a similar story, who, weirdly, I bumped into for the first time in years on that same Leeds train just days before she passed away.”

“The song is a call for empathy and humility, and for consideration of the other humans around you.”

The Human Project have also announced a new run of dates across the UK and mainland Europe before the end of the year, including a tour with Scottish skatepunk heroes PMX! Make sure you catch them at the following shows:

  • 04/10 – Keighley – Exchange w/ Pmx
  • 05/10 – TBC w/ Pmx (email us)
  • 06/10 – Warrington – Old Town House w/ Pmx
  • 11/10 – London – New Cross Inn w/ Pmx
  • 12/10 – Plymouth – Junction w/ Pmx
  • 13/10 – Bristol – Golden Lion w/ Pmx
  • 15/11 – Ashford – Windmill w/ Eat Defeat
  • 16/11 – Den Bosch (Netherlands) – Skate Centre w/ Eat Defeat
  • 17/11 – Mol (Belgium) – El Topo Goes Frigo w/ Eat Defeat
  • 21/12 – Leeds – Key Club w/ Consumed, tbc

If you haven’t already, you can pick up a copy of The Human Project’s stunning new album Clarion Call direct from the band. Having trouble making your mind up? Read Shout Louder’s review to help you out.

Keep up with The Human Project on Twitter and Facebook.

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