Podcast #10: Fair Do’s Talk Leopards, Foxes and Sasquatches

On today’s thoroughly entertaining episode, Sarah is joined by Danny Cummings and John Holt from Fair Do’s. These tongue-in-cheek Northerners have been an important part of both the UK DIY punk scene and the wider European skate-punk scene since 2009 so we were delighted to speak to them, especially as they get set to unleash their stunning new album Leopards.

We learn why their bassist is a weasel, why a stage catching fire doesn’t mean the end of a show, and they share the story of their foxy new video for their single, Closing In. We also discuss KNRD Fest, touring with After The Fall and Death By Stereo and, erm, morris dancing.

Finally, they also completely throw their bandmate Dave Speechley under the bus on the personal worst section of the podcast, telling two fabulously embarassing tour stories. Probably serves him right for being such an disgustingly good guitarist.

We also discuss their album Leopards, which is due out on Lockjaw Records on July 27th. We’re a tad biased, but we think it’s one of the best melodic hardcore albums that 2018 will have to offer, and you’re a fool if you don’t pre-order it from Lockjaw Records right this second.

These are the songs we played:

  • Closing In by Fair Do’s (from the album Leopards)
  • Bates Motel by Mute (from the album Thunderblast)
  • Cents Less by After The Fall (from the album Eradication)

We strongly recommend that you all pick up the new Fair Do’s album Leopards from Lockjaw Records right now. You should also come out to their Manchester album launch show at Gullivers: 30th July 2018 with Mute, The Human Project and Upstream Colour.

If you enjoyed the podcast, why not also check out our written interview with the band.

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