Podcast #6: The Bennies, Consumed, SBÄM Fest & El Topo

Episode 4 is packed full of punk rock treats for you! We have an interview with Australian party machines The Bennies, a massive Umlaut Records giveaway to celebrate the new Consumed release and tales of SBÄM Fest and El Topo Goes Loco. We also play new tunes from The Human Project, Youth Avoiders, Tragical History Tour and Consumed!

Our highlight was catching up with Anty and Nick from The Bennies in Beligum, and asking them about their worst experience ever! Hold on till the end of the episode for that.

First up, Mark and Sarah discuss their recent gigs, including an account Austrian punk festival SBÄM Fest, including talk of Propagandhi, Satanic Surfers, No Trigger, Astpai, Wonk Unit, Donots and The Murderburgers. Sarah gets emotional, has Iron Chic mansplained to her, gains a boob bruise and discovers the perils of getting drunk with Darko two weeks in a row.

We also cover Belgian sunny ska/skate romp El Topo Goes Loco, including The Bennies, Beat The Red Light, The Affect Heuristic, Thanx 4 All The Shoes, The Burnt Tapes, Slack Birds, Imperial Leisure and Not Available. Mark also chats about TIE Fighter Pilot, Project Revise and Butt Plug Babies, plus we share a love of a Bangers.

Come join us in Sarah’s living room, talking faster than light to get through all this awesome content.

We’re also bankrupting Umlaut Records by giving away a huge amount of merch. All you need to do is comment on this Facebook post to tell us what you want to hear more of on the podcast! You can win all this awesome gear:

  • 2 x tickets for the Consumed album launch show (New Cross Inn on July 14th)
  • 1 x The Burnt Tapes – Alterations (12’’ vinyl)
  • 1 x Dowzer – So Much For Silver Linings (12’’ vinyl)
  • 1 x Black Umlaut Recs ‘All Our Bands Suck’ t-shirt
  • 1 x Black Burnt Tapes t-shirt
  • 1 x No Matter – Ill Advised (CD)
  • 1 x Zombies No – Divided We Fall (CD)
  • 1 x EAT DIRT. – Welcome to Shithouse-On-Sea (CD)
  • 1 x Triple Sundae – Peace of Mind (CD)
  • 1 x Dynamite Dynamite – Fangs (CD)
  • 1 x CAPTAIN TRIPS – Captain Trips (CD)

These are the tunes we played:

We also discussed the following shows:

If anyone’s interested, our review of COPE is here.

One the next episode Darko are taking over! Catch up on June 9th to hear the chaos. In the meantime, we’ll see you down the front.


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