Bonus Drunkcast: MPF Highlights with Holly from Kiss Me, Killer

“Let’s record a podcast,” I said.

“When’s the next time we’ll both be in the same place?” he said.

“How about at Manchester Punk Festival? Sunday morning might work.”

“Sweet. We need to check out of the hotel at 10:30, we’ll be at yours for 11am.”

In hindsight, that is the moment where it all went wrong. Mark Bell, our podcast co-host and general all-round sensible guy, agreed to this idea, no doubt considering the fact that he doesn’t tend to drink too much and that he’s smart enough to go home before the end of the afterparty.

Unfortunately, we didn’t factor in was my tendency to keep partying as early into the morning as possible. I lasted all the way through the afterparty, then ventured to the after-after party, then did some street drinking, then wound up at my friend’s flat partying with the last of MPF’s survivors. This is where Mark found me at 10:45 on Sunday morning, still drinking, swearing profusely and talking over everyone in a drunken fashion like a right twat. [Edit: I thought I’d powered through, but apparently I’d passed out and needed to be woken up 3 times while Mark was calling me.]

And so we recorded a podcast. Immediately afterwards, I passed out on a staircase.

There are a few things I have learned:

  • Holly Searle from Kiss Me, Killer is an incredible guest
  • Podcasting drunk is a lot funnier when the two people with you aren’t sober
  • Never suggest recording a podcast at 11am on the morning after a 3-day punk festival
  • Never trust your friends to stop you from doing something stupid

We talk about our favourite parts of Manchester Punk Festival, including some tunes from Waterweed, Natterers, Ducking Punches and Kiss Me, Killer. Holly gives us a brilliant insight into life as a female promoter and talks about her band, her festival and her ambitions for future gigs.

We also include short interviews with Aerial Salad, Charlie’s Big Ray Gun Records, In Evil Hour and Captain Trips. Highlights include Propagandhi, Milloy, PMX, Aerial Salad and a really, really bad joke about the Rich Mayor from Captain Trips, who wears sandals everywhere (as we spoke about here).

Mark and Holly are both wonderful. Apologies in advance for my slurring and talk over everyone. Don’t let me do this again.

The tunes we played are:

  • Waterweed – Beyond The Ocean
  • Natterers – We Are Their Cattle
  • Ducking Punches – Sobriety
  • Kiss Me, Killer – Snakes In The Grass

Make sure that you check out all of Holly’s amazing endeavours:

Normal sober(ish) service will resume on the next episode!

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