Exclusive Stream: Money Left To Burn ‘Vs’ The Affect Heuristic

We are immensely excited to give you an exclusive first listen to the new split from melodic hardcore aficionados Money Left To Burn and The Affect Heuristic. We were utterly blown away the first time we heard it so we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

VS is due for release on Lockjaw Records on Saturday 24th March, however you should pre-order it today to ensure you get two exclusive free gifts with your record!

Until now, the free gifts have been top secret, however we are pleased to reveal that all CDs pre-ordered from Lockjaw with be sent with a poster of Mark Bell’s incredible album artwork (who wouldn’t want that on their wall?) and *drumroll please* two variations of super-hot sauce handmade by Cedric from The Affect Heuristic! The marvelously named Bernie Bumhole hot sauce is totally vegan, so suitable for anyone who likes obliterating heat. You don’t get free hot sauce unless you pre-order the album so don’t hang about!

If hot sauce isn’t enough of a draw and you actually, God forbid, give more of a fuck about the music, then I can assure that VS is easily the most exciting record I’ve heard so far this year. It’s a ten-track melodic hardcore tour de force. It’s the third offering from Nuremberg’s finest skate-punks Money Left To Burn and the first recording from exciting new Belgian/Scottish act The Affect Heuristic. It’s aggressive, high-octane and very melodic. You’re going to love it.

It’s hard to explain why I’ve been so excited to hear new music from The Affect Heuristic, but I’ve been on tenterhooks for this record since it was first announced. Maybe it’s their intriguing choice of name, their unusual Belgian and Scottish origins or the fact they’re already part of Lockjaw’s legendary roster. Whichever it is, the first taste of their progressive/metallic take on melodic hardcore does not disappoint.

Without further ado, wrap your ears around these two exclusive tunes:

Guitarist, Dave Gourlay, reflects on songwriting with The Affect Heuristic”I’m absolutely terrible at writing lyrics, so I try to get whatever I’m feeling across in the music I write (who doesn’t?).  I really wanted to bring something that captured the usual frustrations shit munchers like myself have while at the same time, not coming across as just another cliched, ‘pissed off’ punk record. I really strive to add something a bit weird in every song I write. The rest of the guys took my ideas and ran with them. I’m writing the best music of my life with the best guys ever. You really can’t ask for much more than that.” 

If you’re as excited for this record as we are, get yourself over to Lockjaw Records to pre-order VS before the release on Saturday 24th March. Don’t miss out on your hot sauce and your epic poster!


Follow Money Left To Burn and The Affect Heuristic for more updates. While you’re here, check out our review of The Affect Heuristic’s first gig. If you like this it’s also worth checking out Actionmen / Dead Neck’s Defections split, it’s got a lot in common!

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