Band Spotlight: Tip Of OlympVs [Exclusive]

Have you heard of Tip of OlympVs yet? This mysterious supergroup recently launched their Instagram with a black square, ala Alexisonfire, sparking a ripple of interest in music fans around the country.

Always keen to bring you the best in new music, Shout Louder got an exclusive introduction to this exciting new act.

Tip of OlympVs deliver devastatingly real brutality with pop sensibilites. The band is comprised of three members with backgrounds in the underground hip-hop scene, who have joined forces to bring you a new brand of endless, hook-laden, bass-lad, rock/math/core.

Tip of OlympVs 4
Left to Right: Thorz Tip, PG Tip, Brok Oli

The name Tip of OlympVs is inspired by the band’s origins, with the three members coming from three different corners of Europe. The band mix elements of Greek mythology, Granada flamenco, with UK hardcore and vegan plant-pop.

“All inclusive, all encompassing. Something that everybody wants but nobody needs,” said drummer and guitarist Brok Oli when asked what audiences can expect from their live show. “We will be hitting audiences with a full on, four-dimensional assault on the senses. It will be like visiting a vegetable garden in your local venue.”

“We are the experimental evolution of a dying species in the hardcore flamenco scene,” says vocalist and 3D effects specialist, Thorz Tip.

“We want to do what to music what avatar did to movies,” adds PG Tip, who plays keys and six-string bass horn.

“Our ambition is to become the new legacy of globalisation while spreading Greek mythology and the historical Granada flamenco.”

Tip of OlympVs on tour with Lockjaw Records’ indie-punk darlings Burnt Tapes around mainland Europe, including the following dates:

Feb 19: Fanialive – Vienna, AT
Feb 20: Cafe Na Pul Cesty – Prague, CZ
Feb 22: OT Grevenbruck – Lennestadt, DE
Feb 23: Tante Anna – Saarbrucken, DE
Feb 24: Hope & Ruin – Brighton, UK

To learn more, follow Tip of OlympVs on Instagram.

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