EP Review: Tim Loud & The Psychotronic Men – Some Of These People Have Come From Stoke

Review by Sarah Williams.

Tim Loud & The Psychotronic Men’s little EP Some of These People Have Come From Stoke is one of those marvellous bits of nonsense that make the DIY punk scene the best place to be.

The EP is a three-song collaboration between Revenge of The Psychotronic Man (famous for delivering ridiculously fast, fun noise) and Tim Loud (famous for fronting long-dead aggro-folks Bootscraper, and for his own antifolk solo material). Whilst on tour in April they drunkenly decided that a joint recording would be a great idea; the result is three quite different tracks, reflecting their individual tastes rather than their normal musical output. It’s a rollicking ride through punk rock mayhem, and it’ll be a great gem to look back on in years to come.

The EP opens with an Alan Partridge quote that explains the title, although it’s also a nod to Tim Loud and (drummer) Big Hands’ Stoke heritage. The first track The Queen is Dead, Long Live The King Singers is pretty classic, catchy anti-establishment punk, talking about knocking people off their pedestals. 

The second track Oh Yeah, Motorcycle is all hair metal, with a huge doom-laden build-up that’s every bit Motorhead. The song descends into some shreddery before returning to the heavy introductory riff, closing on a decrescendo of feedback and distortion. It’s masses of fun to sing-along to the lyrically profound chorus, “Ooooooohh yeeaaah, motorcycle!” although the song’s actually about what wankers motorcyclists can be. This is premium pit-fodder, and I really hope Revenge start playing this one live. 

The third and final track Sensible Party is a return to a fuzzier punk rock format, although it’s still got plenty of rock ‘n’ roll guitar licks. The clear highlights of this song are the brilliant tongue-in-cheek lyrics: “If you’re still here then grab a coffee son, the party has only just begun,” or, “If it’s too busy we’ll find a fucking book and hide.” One almost gets the impression that these guys may not be inclinded to have a ‘sensible’ party as they’re so virtuously proclaiming. This is my new favourite party anthem, and it’s been firmly lodged in my head for over a week.

Overall, Some Of These People Have Come From Stoke is a fantastic in-joke shared, and a must-have for any pals and punk collectors.  It’s out now on casette tape only (albeit with a download code included). Although in many ways it’s a ludicrous record, it is very much worth a listen, and it’s definitely worth parting with a few quid to grow to your burgoning collection of noisy nonsense.

In their own words: “We thought it might be a laugh – it was. Surprisingly sober session, though. We did have some beer but no one got seriously hurt. Who knows what other collaborations wait? I am hoping for Marvin Gaye/Slayer (Marvin Gayer?). We might need a ouija board.”

Some Of These People Have Come From Stoke was released on November 17th via TNS Records and No Time Records. Grab your copy now. 

Should you feel the need to experience Stoke-On-Trent for yourself, Tim Loud is playing at Pilgrim’s Pit on December 9th with Only Strangers and Rising Strike. You can catch Revenge of the Psychotronic Man at The Smokehouse in Ipswich on December 2nd, or at the AU NYE Gig in Manchester to finish the year.

Review by Sarah Williams.

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