Skarate KID: You’ve Got To Hear This [Band Profile]


Skarate Kid caught my attention due to having one of the better ska-pun names I’ve seen in some time, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that their debut album Skatastrofa is chock-full of complex, sunny classic ska tunes that I had me uncontrollably busting out dance moves as soon as I hit play. 

Formed in Tel Aviv in 2015, they’ve been honing their skills by relentlessly touring Israel and handful of international locales. They play reggae-flavoured ska, with a diverse range of Middle Eastern and gypsy influences. In their own words, they write songs about ‘romance and freedom’. All of this combined sounds like one giant ska-party.

Their debut album is laced with lovely warm horn lines, and snake-charming grooves that make me want to salsa round my kitchen. Their tone is reminiscent of early Streetlight Manifesto, with touches of Gogol Bordello and Easy Star All Stars’ Dub Side of the Moon. Piece of Heart channels Cat Empire, and features some glorious saxophone. So, if you want to happily whirl around your living room like a crazy person, I’d recommend giving Skatastrofa a try.

Top Tracks: Meow, Dreamer and You’re Not Alone

Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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