BONO! : You’ve Got To Hear This [Band Profile]

Bono No escape

BONO! are a 5-piece hardcore band from sunny Norwich, who are intriguingly named after the world’s most famous turd.  Founded on anger, frustration and an apparent distrust for songs lasting longer than 90 seconds, they deliver frantically aggressive pit-smashing live shows.

I caught them supporting Matilda’s Scoundrels about a week after moving to Ipswich, and spent at least 15-minutes drunkenly babbling at them, telling them how much fun they were in a teeny tiny room above an Irish pub. They have also inspired one of the glorious YouTube comments I’ve ever read, on their video for new track No Escape:

Youtube Comment.jpg

Their first release was an awesome a 5-minute self-titled EP in March 2016, which followed it this year with new EP No Escape!  It’s a dark and energetic selection of songs, bound to tear a hole in any live audience.

On the title track you can hear the mosh pit calling; it’s hardcore thrash throughout, but they throw in a touch of clean, techy guitar work that I desperately want to hear more of. On Axe to Grind it sounds like the singer’s been grinding his vocal chords on a blunt axe, there’s a raw edge of frustration in every note. Despair is the most fun song on the EP and extremely mosh-worthy, full of thundering drums, warm bass and coarse vocals. They excel in building tension and, in short, I want more of it.

Check them out at Swinefest (York), Punk Rock Holiday (Solvenia), Rebellion (Blackpool), or in Norwich with Bare Teeth on July 4th.

No Escape! is available on Spotify and iTunes. Vinyl and excellent merch available from

Make sure you give them big like on Facebook too.

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